I am a quilt maker from an embroidery background. I love devising my own patterns, working out the measurements and sizes, choosing the fabrics and putting it all together.
But I find the actual quilting part of making a quilt very hard work. I like to do a lot of stitching all over the quilt and I find the constant turning, pushing and pulling through the neck of the machine can be quite difficult.​

Then I found out about Quilt-As-You-Go and I haven’t looked back!
​Piece and Quilt your work in manageable sized sections and then put it together.

I have designed some patterns which allow you to make your quilt in smaller pieces which are easy to quilt extensively on your machine, then with a simple technique you can put these pieces together to make the quilt.




Go to my Gallery page and see some of my work


Several of my Quilt-As-You-Go patterns are available to buy, they include illustrated step-by-step instructions. Choose one you like and I will post it to you; £10.00 including p&p


Please get in touch if you wouId like me to visit your group to take a  day workshop. Choose one.


This is a selction of quilts available for sale



Since Harrogate I have made two quilts, both of them gifts. One has already been sent and the other is for a March Birthday, I will have to borrow it back in order to send it to Malvern in May.

I was thrilled that my Memorial Star Quilt was chosen to be the front cover for the Quilter's Guild calendar 2015. It has also been on it's travels round the U.S. with the Mancuso Shows.

My Alpine Vista quilt is on it's way to an exhibition in Stiges.

I am currently working on another gift, a wedding gift for some family friends. I intend to hand quilt small blocks before putting them together Quaygo style. Once I've pieced and sandwiched the blocks I can move on to my next project, I'll get on with the hand quilting over the next few months.

There will be a new pattern for a children's quilt available soon.

I have also been experimenting with freeform curved piecing and hope to be able to offer a workshop soon. 



If you would like to arrange a talk or workshop, or buy a pattern or a quilt, then please contact me via e-mail on


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